Benefits of Training

Benefits of Training

Benefits of this training for students is vast and enormous as this is not just a sport/self-defense training but it's an overall development of the students through dif-ferent techniques, specially designed for their level and understanding.

The training we provide is a fine blend of Mixed Martial Arts & Meditation, which is developed through vast research and development, something which is unique to our training program.

This is the only reason why most of our students have won so many championships from across India, and in return have made their parents and institutes proud of their achievements.

Few other benefits are as follows.

Develop and sharpen memory skills and increase the concentration level to gain good marks in the academics through meditation techniques, which increases the curiosity to learn more and more.

Benefits of SGFI & AIU in academics through grace marks to Kickboxing, Boxing & Karate participants in school and college level games.

Training from well-trained and experienced instructors to compete in the tournaments.
Learning the traditional art of self-defense in a modern and easy way.

Overall personality development to gain self-confidence.

Physical and mental fitness for strong body & mind to face the real life challenges and to be successful throughout.

Developing respect for parents, teachers and nation through self-discipline.

Free meditation and yoga courses are provided on request from the institutions.

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